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Why Boredom Is Good For Your Kiddo

Is it okay for my child to be bored?⁣ The short answer; Yes! And let me tell you why.⁣

Free time leads to unstructured play, which is extremely valuable. Children, like adults, need time to relax and reflect on what’s going on in their lives. They can’t do that if they’re too busy.

Learning to occupy themselves is a vital stop on the long road your kiddo must travel to independence. On that journey, they will gain many key life skills. The realization that they can, if bored, find something to do themselves develops self-reliance. They will gain the confidence to follow their curiosity, the creativity they need to begin a game, and the imagination and concentration to stick with it. 

But, the challenge becomes letting them get bored. A bored baby who hasn’t learned to play independently will be needy for your attention. A kiddo who does play independently will leave a messy trail in their wake. You need to accept this for now. I would suggest teaching them how to “clean up” during your shared play time. Do you let your kiddo get bored?

References: Psychology Today | Education.Gov | Fatherly | Neuroscience News

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