What Moms Really Want on Valentine's Day.

It wasn't too long ago when I was furiously searching for that perfect outfit that hugged my hips just right, shoes that would not be comfortable but looked damn good, and spent hours on hair and makeup just for a "special" night out for Valentine's Day. Things sure do look differently now! And to be honest, I love it.

Although, to some, I am technically not a "mom" yet, I can wholeheartedly say that now I am in healthy & stable relationship, fussing about is simply exhausting. For me, there is something so soothing and fulfilling knowing that I have my partner by my side and we don't need the pretension of fancy dinners, lavish gifts, and grand gestures to define our love. We don't need an Instagram worthy photo just to use the hashtag #ValentinesDay to prove to the world of voyeurs we admire, respect, and adore each other. I love quiet nights at home with my partner, sporting my #babybump and over-sized t-shirt over getting decked out to spend $200 on dinner when we can cook something healthy at home. For me, that is what truly matters. Daily mutual love and respect; not flowers, dinner, and chocolates one day a year simply because the calendar and society told us to. Give me those things when it's not expected.

As an "almost mom", I can already forecast what will be a valuable and thoughtful gift once baby is here in the flesh. I know it is going to be a crap ton of work and a very demanding job. So, I interviewed a few fellow mamas to see what they want on this special day and the overwhelming similarity is obvious:

"I would love to have my body all to myself for a day. Hot yoga, dirty martinis, an extra long foot rub, sushi for days and maybe some good sex to top if all off".

"A prenatal massage would be the most romantic gift this Valentine's. 6 months preggo and chasing a toddler is hard work!"

"Sweet pure love. A wonderful day spending time together as a family infused with a little day off or mini nap for mama."