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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For New Moms

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

If you're wondering what to get the new mom or expecting mom, I put together a gift guide with some items that she is sure to love.

Christmas is just a short, couple weeks away and if you (like pretty much everyone else) waited until the last minute to begin your holiday shopping, don’t freak out! I got you covered with the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide that is sure to bump you onto Santa’s NICE list.

Avoid lumping your Christmas sweeties into one category with gifts that aren't for them.Try getting a little personal or splurging on a gift that you know they will love, make them feel special this year with presents that they won’t think about returning later.

Come check out my top 4-holiday gift tips that will help you score the perfect gift for that new mom!


If you want to make sure the gift that you're giving is more sentimental, get them a custom piece so they know it’s real.

Designer Kelly Bello known for her beautiful delicate pieces has stopped by this holiday season to give a first- hand look at her jewelry line. Made from the finest materials, her pieces allow you to customize and create looks to fit individual needs. You can choose between a stunning 14k white or yellow gold bracelet and any 4 letters that help to better personalize a gift to that new mom. You can also request the letter orientation on your bracelet by having them placed straight down or tilted towards the side. The choice is yours! 


If you're a new mom or a partner looking for a gift she needs, check out BLANQI Support wear. Whether you are expecting, postpartum, nursing or just love comfortable sportswear, I highly recommend their apparel. I personally tried out the Maternity Belly Support Tank because my baby bump grows 3 inches by the end of each day and feels really heavy. Having extra support in my clothing is crucial for my comfort.


DocATot has taken the mom world by storm with, what I call baby lounges, that are so soft and stylish. I can not wait to use mine and take some amazing photos of my little one in it. I got the Carrara Marble colorway. You can find it here along with many other super cute options like a chevron pattern, banana leaves, roses and more.


Baby wraps are growing more and more popular with millennial moms. I'm not technically a millennial, but I am on the cusp so sometimes I roll with it. When my baby girl comes into this world, I already know I want to keep her as close to my skin as possible for that skin-to-skin contact. I plan on breastfeeding so it's really important to have that contact as much as possible. Solly Baby wraps are so incredibly soft, it's like being tucked into a bed of feathers.

I really love their color schemes because they are muted and earthy, rather than loud and colorful. Research from the likes of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco, among others, has shown that in the first few months of life, a newborn baby can only see primarily in shades of black, grey and white.

For this reason, a monochrome color scheme filled with contrasting patterns and shapes provides a newborn baby with the best form of visual stimulation.


Now a days, more and more moms are pumping and breastfeeding, which is super awesome considering all of the benefits for both mom and baby! If you're a pumping mom or are married to a pumping mom, give yourself and her a pat on the back and daily praise. Chances are, she is always going to need to change out her pumping accessories. Get her stocked up on those much needed pieces that feed your baby. Most items can be found on Amazon, but you can also get through through your insurance, DME, or even directly through the pump company website.

I plan to use the Spectra Baby USA pump. The mom reviews are awesome, the prices is reasonable and it has a Natural Nursing Technology that mimics the suckling of a baby, rather than a lot of other brands that leave mom feeling like a milked cow.

Leave me some comments about what you would love as a new mom. If you're looking at a gift for a new mom and have questions, feel free to reach out too! Happy shopping!

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