Why I Left A 6 Figure Corporate Job

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The last 2 years have been a roller coaster. If you've been following with me alongside my journey you know that more often than not, I’ve wanted to get off the roller coaster and call it quits. In 2019 I was fired while on maternity leave with my first daughter. I was in shock that a mom-owned breast pump company could do such a thing to a new mom who gave her ALL to helping grow the company and build their marketing department. Still bleeding from delivery and emotional from all the hormones coursing through me, I had to find a way to get through it. The medical bills were piling high, my attorney fees were escalating and I wasn't taking the time I needed to recuperate. In 2020 I started working for another company but burnt that bridge (stupidly) when I left abruptly due to personal reasons. I took about a year off from the workforce to raise my daughter and that was the best decision of my life. It felt good being my own boss again and giving all my attention to myself and my family.

In 2020 I landed a Director of Marketing role serendipitously only to be fired again while on maternity leave with my second child who was in the NICU for 16 days. The shock of it wasn’t as palpable because of my first run-in with this sort of corporate mindset. Through all of this, I came to the realization firsthand that women are not protected. As women, and even more so as moms, we have to look after ourselves and surround ourselves with people who want to lift us up.

That’s why I joined Velovita. This amazing team of women has quickly become my extended family. With their focus on helping people feel better internally and externally and being able to carve out our own path of flexible hours and pay, I am so thrilled. Thrilled to be able to spend more time with my family, build my own team of like-minded mamas, and make as much money as I want! No more watching the clock and waiting to call it a day. Here, I am my own boss again. This is what life is about for moms like me who want it all.

For the average person, making an extra $300-$500 a month would be life-changing. Imagine if you could make double, triple, quadruple that! Imagine having no cap on what you can make! That could go towards your student loans, credit card debt, groceries, car payment, that museum membership you've been eyeing, or just a once-a-month spa day! The point is, that money could very well bring you some breathing room and why people like me have joined companies like Velovita; to make a difference. This is why I've jumped on the social sales bandwagon. To take back control of my life.

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