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The Mother's Day Gift Guide That Never Expires

This Mother’s Day is incredibly special for me because it’s my first! I find it fitting to do a blog about what to gift a mom on this special day. But let’s be honest, with a new baby in the house it’s easy to forget and end up scrambling at the last minute. Luckily, im one step ahead and put together a list of items that can be given anytime! All you have to do is make a pitstop tomorrow and grab a card. Write that special mama a heartfelt message including which gift from the list below that she has to look forward to. Just make sure you order it!! I have personally tried, love, and highly suggest everything here! Just keeping it real! If I have a discount code, I'll list it in the text for you.

The Health Conscious Mom:

Healthy Meals

Daily Harvest is clutch for every new mom. I wish I knew about them sooner. Finding time to eat is sometimes your "big win of the day" as a new mom so, having a nutrient dense meal that is quick and yummy goes a long way for any mom. Anybody really! I gave Eric some and he was hooked. The cups pack a delicious punch and are filled with plant-based organic fruits and veggies. You can order by the week or by the month. Want to try it out while hooking up a deserving mom? Enter 4FSGIVEN at checkout and get THREE FREE CUPS!

Another bonus... it takes minutes to prepare! That mom in your life will hug you and thank you until next Mother's Day.

The Breastfeeding & Pumping Mom

Nursing and Pumping Bras

For any new mom who is nursing and/or pumping, this is a must-have! I literally LIVE in my nursing bra. Kindred Bravely has two amazing bras that I love, the pumping bra (shown to the left) and the sports bra (not shown). I wear them ALL THE TIME because of the comfort and utility it offers. Use code 4FS10 at checkout for a special discount on your order (exclusions may apply).

Silverette Nipple Cups

Silverette Nipple Cups

As a breastfeeding mom, I can surely appreciate some nipple love. I don't mean the sexy kind, oh no. Sorry fellas! I mean the kind that soothes and heals those dry, cracked or overworked nipples. These silverette nipple cups are a must for any BF mom. Use code SPED4 for a discount.

The Glam Mom

Cruelty Free Glam

Winky Lux

Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without a bit of pampering. Winky Lux offers that amazing combo of luxury and sustainability. All of their products are Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, and Phthalates Free so that special someone can get her beauty on without any guilt. For a limited time, Get a Free Blue Flower Balm with any $20+ Order with code WINKYBLUE at!

Lulus Clothing

Lulus is such a cute brand for any woman. But for me, I love it because their designs give me so much motivation to get into the gym! Get 15% off plus FREE SHIPPING AT LULUS.COM

The links above are affiliate links that will get you discounts on these brands. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Have fun this Mother's Day, mamas!

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