Planning for My Postpartum Nutrition

I've always been very aware of my nutrition regimen as far back as I can remember, but when I knew Eric and I were going to start trying for a baby that awareness amplified and was magnified. Then, when I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later, I was extremely dedicated to giving my little girl the best start to life for her first 9 months of development. It is truly amazing how everything changes when you get that positive pregnancy test. You literally want to give baby the best and they become your priority.

Now that I'm two weeks from my due date, I am thinking about what I'm going to eat to keep both me and baby healthy and satiated postpartum. I told you I was a planner! While I plan on breastfeeding and pumping, I think, and hope, that I can take care of her exclusively through those methods, but what about me? Everything I put inside my body will transfer to my little one. Nutritious food and snacks are essential after birth. Most moms don't take care of themselves because their number one priority is the baby. Unfortunately, I hear from so many moms who also don't have the support they need from their partner which makes it even more challenging. It's important to know that you are not alone and there are groups that you can join to find that support.

While you're dealing with a fussy baby for one reason or another, it's so important to feed yourself, mama! It's so difficult to make a meal sometimes when your hands are full and you're bonding with baby 24/7 but there is a solution. While you're take a break from work, put together a plan to feed yourself. I call it a postpartum eating plan and after some research, I've decided to try out Freshly Moms. Previously, I've tried other delivery services such as Freshly, SunBasket, and Hello Fresh, but I wasn't impressed for one reason or another: too expensive, tasteless food, not fresh, have to prepare the food. Who has time for that as a new mom!

So, to start my postpartum eating plan, I'm trying out the Nourish Box as you've probably seen in my IG stories. Here is a complete list of what it comes with:

Lactation Granola - Original Cardamom/Chocolate Cinnamon

Sesame Brittle - Chocolate/Orange/Chai Spice

Foxnut Pops - Tangy Turmeric/Salt & Pepper

Hot Cereal - 5 bags

Khichadi Mix - White Rice/Brown Rice

Ashwagandha Tea

Moringa Tea

Turmeric Ginger Latte - Cardamom/Cinnamon

Lactation & Digestion Water Mix

I've had the chance to try everything finally and I have to say, there are some items I like, some I love and some I could do without. Here they are in my order from love to dislike:

Sesame Brittle

Turmeric Ginger Latte

Lactation Granola

Ashwagandha Tea

Lactation & Digestion Water Mix

Moringa Tea

Foxnut Pops

Khichadi Mix

Hot Cereal

You know I'll always keep it real! What's great is that you can now buy them Amazon! Talk about the easy just got easier! If you opt to purchase on their site directly, use code 4FSGIVEN for a sweet discount. Happy eating mama!

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