Our Bottle vs Nipple Struggle

It's late May and here we are almost 12 weeks in, you guys! Everything has been going so great. Stella is breastfeeding. I've been pumping to have a supply on hand. After all, we want dad to have a bonding experience with feeding the baby, don't we? Umm.. yes! Mom needs a break sometimes too. So why didn't anyone tell us to start feeding her from the bottle sooner than 7 weeks? Why didn't we think there could be complications with giving her the bottle or with my pumped milk? We took complications into consideration for breastfeeding. What happens if she won' and baby won't take the bottle. WHAT! She will only take the breast. How will she eat? OMG I'm freaking out. These are the questions we are now asking ourselves and it's just a little too late.

Eric has been such a trooper and has been trying to get her to take the bottle but Stella just wants mommy. She purses her lips when we touch the nipple to her lips. She kicks it out of her mouth with her tongue. She cries uncontrollably when she even sees the damn thing! Cue the face in palm and silent cry.

What's the solution here? Really there is only one. Keep trying and be persistent. At some point down the road, who knows when, she will adjust. Let's just hope its much sooner than next week and hope my next job will give me some extra time to provide a basic need to my daughter, food. Fingers crossed. I mean, most companies now allow people to work from home. Let's hope they are progressive!

Now excuse me while I go on Amazon and shop for every bottle and nipple so we can figure out which one Stella will take. Wish me luck you guys!

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