My Growing Belly Essentials

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Every expecting mom needs some go-to essentials to keep her comfortable and moisturized.

This morning I woke up and rolled over to side of the bathroom. 6 months in and my bladder feels smaller than ever! As I was making my way to the other side of the bed, I looked down at my belly and said to Eric, "I think my belly grew overnight"! After my morning ritual (wink wink), I got up to grab my handy tape measure to see if I was just hoping or if it was actually true. I put the tape measure around the biggest part of my belly and sure enough, 1.5" bigger than yesterday morning! Yes!! I never thought I would be so happy to gain weight and inches!

Once or twice a week I check out my pregnancy app to get any information about my little peanut that will help me prepare and understand what is happening with my body. Today, it says she is the size of Butternut Squash and is able to open and close her eyes! No wonder my belly is feeling heavier and heavier!

I get a lot of questions from expecting, new moms about how I keep my belly moisturized and how I cope with the heaviness. So, I put together a little montage of what I use. In addition to the creams, which I use during the day, I absolutely love my Belly Bandit Upside Belly Band. It gives me support not only around my belly, but around my back. Umm... obviously a woman created this product!

It also comes with a pocket on the back side that fits a heating and cooling pack! The pack also comes with your purchase. Bonus! My prayers have been answered! I often use a heating pad, but with this invention, I can now be mobile and get the benefits of the heat while getting things done. What I also love about this band is that it closes with Velcro so if you grow, you can still use it. Another amazing feature that is super important is that the fabric is very soft. Say goodbye to those bands that scratch your skin and hello to the Belly Bandit!

Another main item that I use daily is organic coconut oil. I put it generously on my belly at night so it doesn't soak into my clothes. I apply it after my shower and slip on my robe, keeping it open. My mom, grandmother, father, and sister all use organic coconut oil and I have to say, their skin and hair is flawless.

What are some of your go-to essentials? Leave me a comment and share your items with me, mamas!

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