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Mom Guilt & How To Cope

I have to be honest. I need a break sometimes but I’m too proud to take it. I think Stella will cry and miss me. I think she won’t be as happy without me there. I have a little bit of anxiety thinking about being away from her even when I run errands. I find myself rushing to get back to her. But I am exhausted and need a break. I feel so guilty saying that. I feel guilty thinking it. Does that make me a bad mom? These are thoughts the majority of us feel at one point or another. Spoiler alert, it doesn't make you a bad mom. It makes you human. pegs mom guilt as "that pervasive feeling of not doing enough as a parent, not doing things right, or making decisions that may “mess up” your kids in the long run."

After talking to a few mom friends, I've learned that there are different ways we all feel this famous mom guilt feeling. It could be because you work too much, didn't go back to work, didn't breastfeed or didn't do it "long enough", feel that your kid is bored, you get annoyed with them, or give them extra screen time. Maybe you are like me and feel bad leaving your kiddo or taking some much needed alone time. Mom guilt can come in many forms. So, once we acknowledge we are doing this, what is next? My answer to everyone is always, give yourself some grace.

It's important to remember that a happy mama is a happy family. My dad always says, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." And it's true! Taking time for yourself is a win for the whole family. If you're a working mom, find solace in the fact that you're providing for your family. This is also a good opportunity to teach them the importance of time management, equality, & hard work. Bottom line, find the good in what you're doing for your family and empower that thought and actions. Build yourself up instead of breaking yourself down. Our kiddos see everything we do so, it's imperative we show up for ourselves so we can show up for them.

Cut yourself some slack. Take that break you need. It's okay to lean on others. You're a freaking rock star!

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