Miku Baby Monitor Review

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When I tell you we needed a new baby monitor, I mean, we REALLY needed a new baby monitor. The one we have been using for the last year has been wonderful; however, now that Stella is mobile and aware of her surroundings, having one that mounts on the wall is crucial. See, she's been taking the existing monitor from the edge of her crib and pulling it inside so she can play with it. Now, I would be lying if I denied that it keeps her busy for a few minutes longer and usually affords Eric and me so extra cuddle time. That being said, it's not the safest toy. Once, Eric found her with the cord around her neck. It wasn't tight, but still. TIME FOR A NEW MONITOR!

In comes Miku. From its sustainable and aesthetically pleasing packaging to its ridiculously easy-to-follow instructions, the Miku comes in as a 10 out of 10. From the moment I opened the package, it was like getting my most desired item on Christmas morning. A beautiful pewter blue jumps out at you on a high-quality paper box. The texture of the box has a satin hand that assures you that these people thought and care about every detail.

Once you lift the top off and reveal the contents, several compartments are neatly sitting in their designated spot. Quickly you realize that everything you need to put this together is found right inside the box! A tape measure, screwdriver, screws, and more. All you need is the app and wifi. Literally! They make it so easy with step-by-step instructions even the least handy people can complete it. It took Eric 15 minutes and he is NOT handy at all. We have someone come over to help us hang things and put things together. He has a lot of great talents, but being handy isn't one of them.

Once he put it together, we downloaded the Miku app and connected it. Showtime! I've never been so excited to tuck Stella into bed. Once we did, we tested it with her going to sleep and we were in shock with its capabilities. This monitor has SO MANY FEATURES! Here is a list:

• Live stream 1080p HD video on your app from anywhere in the world

• Personalize your notifications: movement detector, baby has woken, baby has fallen asleep, and sound alerts

• Safety features: cord covers, baseplate lock, CryptoChip security, two-factor authentication

• Room temperature and humidity sensors let you create the perfect sanctuary for your sleeping baby

• Dual speakers w/ custom sleep sounds and lullabies

• No added subscription fees

• Miku offers real-time breathing and sleep tracking

• Their technology is all contact-free – no wires or wearables required!

• Two-Way Talk

• HD Photo

It is the baby monitor of baby monitors. I am so excited about it. I love that it records when there is movement so I can see her cute mannerisms even when I missed it. I put together a video for you so you can see the process from start to finish. If for some reason you can't view it, check it out on my YouTube Channel.

Their website also has a ton of information and support to help you set it all up. But I can promise it will be so easy you won't believe it! I highly recommend this monitor to all parents.

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