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How To Protect Baby In The Sun

Since we now live in Miami, we have to be aware of the sun and our protection. Now that we have a baby, we are hyper aware of the damage it can cause and how much she is exposed to. I've gotten so many requests from friends and followers asking what I suggest for baby in hot weather. I teamed up with Dr. Jenny Liu to give you three quick tips.

1) always seek shade and avoid direct sun from hours of 10-4pm

2) sun screen is approved for kids 6 months and older. Look for ones containing only zinc oxide. Should be SPF 30 or higher, don't forget to reapply every 2 hours as needed

3) Wear sun protective clothing, look for lightweight long shirts and pants, and forget broad brim hat and sunglasses

There you go! Three quick tips! How do you protect your baby in the sun?

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