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How To Prepare To Go Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Going back to work has been a day I've been dreading since I gave birth to Stella. The unavoidable first day back to work. It's been three months, and a week to be exact, since I left the workforce. More specifically, I was fired from a well known breast pump company while I was on maternity leave. Yep, "for moms, by moms" took on a different meaning at that point. However, I digress.

There are hardly words to describe what you feel like to leave your baby behind and go about your day as if it is not terrorizing your soul. I was dreading my first day back. The week before I was crying and holding Stella a little longer and tighter. Eric, was supportive and understood as best he could. The days before I made sure to pack my pump bag, stock up on snacks, sterilize my parts, and charge my pump. I had no idea what to expect. I was very fortunate to find a company that was understanding and sensitive to my situation. It was refreshing that that support came from a group of men who were going out of their way to make me comfortable and find a pumping room that I would be happy in. They let me turn one of the conference rooms into my designated pump room. I didn't even have that at the breast pump company!

Here are some tips I learned when going back to work as a new breastfeeding mom:

  1. Pack your pump bag

  2. Sterilize your parts

  3. Pack snacks

  4. Bring a water bottle you can refill all day

  5. Have the right flange size

  6. Bring a napkin

  7. Get a mesh laundry bag to keep your parts in (air dry)

  8. Bring a phone charger

  9. Bring nipple cups or nipple balm

  10. Wear comfortable pump bra

I know that these 10 items won't replace the time away from your baby. Listen, I cried on my way to work that first day. Fast forward to 4 months later, I look forward to going into the office. It gets easier, mama. Check out my article on how we picked our nanny.

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