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How I Deal With Achy Muscles And Bones While Pregnant

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Ok, so you've heard me say how everything is perfect and I'm so lucky to have such an easy pregnancy. While that is still true, I am human, a pregnant one at that, whose #bellybump is growing by the day. I am currently #29weekspregnant and my LO is rumbling around all day as if she's trying out for kickboxing in there. Oh the kicks! She is now 14" long which means she takes up a lot of space in my already small waist. On top of that, she is positioned transverse which means she is lying across rather than up and down. Oh the kicks! By the end of the day, my body is aching mostly around my hips and rear. My first question becomes, is this normal? Then that expands into, What can I do? How long will this last? What does this mean? I have questions!

Come to find out, it is totally normal! According to the American Pregnancy Association, it is because that pregnancy hormone relaxin is living up to its name that many pregnant women experience hip pain in their second or third trimester. Hip pain is usually caused by the loosening of the ligaments holding together the sacroiliac joints, which connect your spine to your pelvis.

They go on to say "During pregnancy, your body releases hormones that allow connective tissue to relax and soften. As a result of this, the joints and ligaments between the bones in your pelvis will begin to loosen. Increasing flexibility in these bones is imperative for allowing the baby to move through your body during labor. Lower back pain, as well as, changes in posture and a heavier uterus may contribute to the soreness you feel. "

What I tend to do is take a warm bath and I started getting massages. If you're like me, you like a nice firm massage, but it's truly hard to find a place that will get in there and relieve that muscle tension. So, if you don't want to spend the money or don't have the time for a massage that will most likely leave you frustrated, I would suggest you try a bath with epsom salt. I like the lavender scent because, hey, it's lavender and is calming. Just be careful the water isn't scolding. It's bad for baby.

So, all in all, sit back, relax and take a well deserved bath. You deserve it!

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