Green Pancakes For A Toddler

Green? As in the color or like sustainable pancakes? It's a fair question. As much as I wish I knew how to make a sustainable pancake, more than not wasting them, I actually mean as in the color of spinach. Yes, that dreaded "S" word! I make Spinach Pancakes for Stella and she loves them. Little does she know, they are jam-packed with nutrients! And what's even better, they are only three ingredients; eggs, spinach, and banana.


2 eggs

1 bunch of spinach

1 banana

How to make:

  • Put 2 eggs, one banana and one bunch of spinach in a food processor until all contents are blended together.

  • Heat pan with olive or coconut oil on medium heat.

  • Scoop out with a spoon and make small dollops in your pan.

  • Let cook -1-2 minutes on each side until golden brown.

  • Let cool for one minute before serving. Test the heat before serving.

  • Cut into little pieces for your toddler to enjoy.

That's it! Nutrient-dense and flavor-packed. I even like them cold!

Cut into bite size pieces depending on your todder's age.

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