DIY Preggo Halloween Costume Under $50

Make no bones about it, if you're pregnant and dressing up for Halloween, there are lots of tricks and you hope for treats.

preggo scarecros costume

The days of skimpy dresses outfitted with fishnets and corsets are over.  And, if you're a planner like me, you did research on preggo costumes and came across the same ones over and over again.  Boring!  Since this is my first pregnant Halloween, and don't know if I'll have another chance, being that I'm 37 during this season, I wanted my costume to be bomb to the bone.  Especially since the costume contest at work has a worthy prize attached!

After a few days of searching online, I decided to be a scary scarecrow and use the special occasion to announce to my coworkers that I'm expecting.  Yup, after 21 weeks, I am finally letting out the skeletons in my closet. Maybe that will give the judges that extra bump in my score (wink). Even though I work for a breast pump company, it is still a scary experience letting your boss know that you've been carrying this exciting bundle of joy and, oh, by the way, I need time off in a few months.  EEK!

The 1st place prize is a 70" TV! "Oh, I'm totally making this costume and making it awesome", said my inner fashion designer. Now, how do I do this and what do I do?!  I took to my closet and found a white one-piece shirt and taped it to the window for the light to come through and make it translucent.  Then, I measured out the placement of my belly in relation to the pumpkin I was planning to on drawing on it.  I then took a pumpkin drawing and traced it to the belly of the shirt by putting it underneath the shirt and using a black sharpie to draw the outline:

Then I went online and found a skeleton baby to put inside the pumpkin and sketched that on. Once that was finished, it was all about colors and making the design come to life.  I used an orange highlighter for the pumpkin skin, brown for the stem, green for the vines and red for the bow on the skeleton baby's head.  It was a fun day of DIY crafting and I'm super excited about showing my office and winning that TV!

While that was drying, I rummaged my racks for the rest of my costume and found my overalls, plaid button down, and Timberland boots.  Probably the only time I'll wear them in Florida. For accessories, I bought a scarecrow, black press on nails, black makeup.   I used twine for a bracelet and put band-aids around the cuticles of my nails to make them look more unattached.  My fiance, Eric, helped me put them on. #keeper.

I'm ready to rock the bloody runway and show them what I got! Here is the final product:

Makeup: $15

Scarecrow: $16

Nails: $3

Hat: $15

Did I win the contest?  I most certainly did! Now let's see how long it takes Eric to put the TV together :)  What are some of your DIY secrets?

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