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Book Repetition + Your Kiddos Brain

Did you know that reading the same book over and over again yields some amazing benefits to your little one? Yup! Apparently, studies have shown that you’re setting your kids up for academic success.⁣ Bring on the books, please!


Here are a few benefits of reading the same book for the 1700th time:


✔️Helps build their vocabulary

✔️Helps them discover that language is more than just words

✔️They learn how words sound and connect

✔️The repetition helps them understand all the components of the story

✔️Kids start to comprehend the storyline⁣⁣

✔️They start to recognize words and letter

✔️Kids learn how words connect to form phrases and sentences


If you're looking for some books to read at bedtime, here are some of our favorites.

⁣Ok, time to go read that bus book for the 1MM time... byeeeeee!


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