Another Baby-On-Board Gift Ideas

We’ve been talking about trying for baby #2 for a while now. 6/7 months to be exact, but then Covid hit and we decided to put that on hold. I can’t imagine not having Eric in the hospital with me. But, I often think about how Stella will react to the news when it does happen and how I can make the transition easier for her while making sure she still feels loved 💕Here are two ideas to include the older sibling:

☝🏽Put together a Big Sister/Big Brother gift basket to the older kiddo from mama & papa. Put things in it that s/he can enjoy on their own and things they can do with the newborn. Include things that say “Best Big Sister/Brother”, Big Sister/Brother” and “We love you”.

✌🏽Put together a gift basket from the newborn to older kiddo. Things like “I Love You”, “Best Big Sister/Brother”, “Best Friends”, and “Cant wait to meet you”. Maybe include their favorite snacks (all kids love snacks 😆).

This is such a great way to make the older sibling feel like the newborn already loves them and they are part of this process. It will help help set that foundational, loving tone and relieve some jealousy they may be feeling. ☀️

Here are some gift ideas I hand picked. Scroll down for Big Brother gear:

Big Sister Shirt comes in 15 color choices

The matching outfits come in 14 different colors.

Big Bro shirt comes in 5 different colors.

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