8 Week Update. We Made it!

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

We are officially at the 2 month mark! Woohoo! Happy birthday baby! They say it gets easier from here. I am watching the clock. It's been only two months and wow, this has been a journey.

In the last two months, Stella has been pretty good - for the most part. When she goes through a growth spurt it makes her nurse a lot more frequently. My nipples get white and raw. I am so thankful I have had the silverette nipple cups. They literally SAVED MY NIPS! When she started spitting up, I asked my mom group and they said a big part of that is because of my dairy intake. So naturally, I have cut back on my dairy consumption which in turn means, no more coffee. I am crying inside. I do love Rice milk and cashew milk, but not in my coffee. I'm also going to cut out beef and most meats. There are so many hormones in them!

As for feeding her from a bottle, I didn't know I should have given it to her earlier than 5 weeks. WTF! It's been challenging, to say the least, trying to get her to accept the bottle. Eric has been great. He's watched paced bottle feeding videos and implemented them. He tried diligently but to no avail, she refused and only cried in his face. Poor guy. We tried several different bottles with different nipples to see which she prefers. It's a work in progress. Send us lots of luck and patience! We are going to need it for when I return to work. What if she doesn't take the bottle still?! I'm king of freaking out.

More recently, she started spitting up a lot more and throwing up. I believe that's what is happening. The spit up happens just after she eats and is the same consistency of the breast milk. The other is curdled up which tells me it was digested and brought back up. It breaks my heart because that can't feel good for her. So, I started giving her longer baths, sleeping with mommy and daddy and gripe water to sooth her tummy. Since we started giving her that and I've stopped having dairy, it's made a HUGE difference. You can also get the nighttime option to help her sleep better at night while her tummy settles. I keep her upright as much as possible and limit her movement the first hour after she eats. I burp her often too. Those efforts become next to impossible when people are visiting because they think they know better than you know your own child and want to move her around until she spits everything up even after telling them several times not to. Face-plant into palms.

Tomorrow she goes in for her first round of vaccinations. Let's see how that goes. Wish us luck!

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