7 Tips for Slowing Down Postpartum Hair Loss

Let's talk about postpartum hair loss. Say what?! Yup, hair loss, I said it. I honestly thought I was going to be that one mom who didn't suffer from the dreaded shed, but sadly, I am a victim. Thanks, hormones! I looked into it, naturally. By now you know that I am a research monster. I found that some recommendations call for taking biotin which helps with hair thinning but not necessarily hair loss. Some people will push a certain shampoo or conditioner, but when you stop using it, your hair starts falling out again, if it even works to begin with! No, thank you. I want to understand why this is happening and reverse engineer this situation.

There a few reasons PP hair loss happens such as low thyroid hormone or iron-deficiency anemia. Sadly, I do have low iron. So, what does one do? I put together a list of 7 easy tips based on extensive research:

1) Keep taking your prenatal vitamin supplement.

2) Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

3) Shampoo only when needed

4) Use a wide tooth comb to minimize tangling

5) Use scrunchies instead of bands

6) Skip the heated tools like irons and blow dryers

7) Stay away from any chemical products until the shedding subsides.

I called my OBGYN this morning and refilled my prescription for my prenatal. When I stopped taking them, I noticed a difference almost immediately. If you have another way to mitigate this issue, leave me a comment or shoot me a DM to my IG or Facebook.

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