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Hi, I'm Adriana!

Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey into motherhood! I was Boston born, Florida raised, and New York City seasoned where I was a serial entrepreneur in the fast-paced NYC fashion industry for 10 years.  You could say I am glutton for punishment or I just really love a challenge.  Currently, I am taking on a new challenge; MOTHERHOOD. You can now find me living like a local in Charlotte, NC candidly sharing my journey into motherhood through my favorite "F" words - Fashion, Family, Food, and Fitness.

I know what you're thinking, great, another mom blog! Let me tell you, I GET IT!  But let me share with you WHY I created this blog. When I was just 6 weeks postpartum with my first child, I was fired from a well-known breast pump company. Yes, you read that right.  As soon as I announced I was pregnant, everything changed. My back was against the wall and I needed to do something. At that same time, I couldn't find a one-stop-shop of evidence-based, modern advice for moms and by moms who had researched everything to death. So, out of my hardship, frustration, and thirst for information, I created 4 F's Given.  I am proud to say that I've reached over 70,000 parents with it! Whoohoo! Thank you!


4F's Given takes you through my journey using only four topics: Family, Fashion, Food, and Fitness. These are my passions and I can't wait to take you on this journey and share some pretty awesome stuff with you. I sprinkle knowledge with fun and cheeky posts that are honest and well-researched.  


I promise to always be real and honest and give you the best information based on my opinions derived from research.

xoxo -Adriana

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